AOC complains living off congressional salary of $174k is a struggle with “no housing allowance” and high expenses

In a new Instagram post, progressive Democrat AOC argues that living off a congressional salary of $174k is a struggle for those not already wealthy.

“Only 10 women in the history of the United States have ever given birth while serving in Congress. 10,” AOC writes, calling the House a “hostile place to have a baby,” as vote schedules “pretty much” assume that no one has a family.

“The job requires you to pay $25k+ in out of pocket work expenses that are NOT reimbursable or tax deductible, no housing allowance despite requiring you to pay for/rent 2 homes or else risk losing your job (hence the above huge work expenses), no included dental or vision insurance, no eligibility for PSLF, etc.,” AOC also complains.

Per ThoughtCo, the current base salary for all rank-and-file members of the U.S. House and Senate is $174,000 per year, plus benefits.