After losing to Graham, Jaime Harrison positioned to replace Perez as DNC Chair

After losing his race for South Carolina Senator to Lindsey Graham by a double digit margin, Jamie Harrison is reportedly a frontrunner to replace Tom Perez as DNC committee chair.

Harrison, who raised over $100 million in his failed bid to unseat Graham, said he’d take a “good look” at running for the role.

According to The Atlantic “Harrison, who is Black, has close relationships with many members of the caucus. He has a network of connections and donors coming off his Senate run, which gives him wider cachet. And his work as South Carolina’s state-party chair will appeal to other state-party chairs, who consistently grumble that they’re being overlooked. For Harrison himself, the job makes sense.”

Ken Martin, the chair of both the Minnesota Democratic Party and the Association of State Democratic Committees said of Harrison “He’s very trusted; people know that he understands the role of the party from the top all the way down, and he has the institutional memory to know where the land mines are.”

“I think he’d be a fantastic chair,” Martin added.