Afghan refugee stirs controversy after sharing photo of free food rations given to him at Fort Bliss

An Afghan refugee was criticized after sharing photos of his free food rations given to him at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

Hamed Ahmadi wrote “Not complaining but this is what I got last night for dinner and the next meal is 12 hours later. Refugee life might be safe but never easy & favorable. Fort bliss El Paso Texas. #AfghanRefugees #afghanistan

“The point of that tweet was not … to be complaining, to be very critical,” he told The Independent. “I was just describing a situation of Afghan refugees that are in the situation that they never really wanted to be in.”

Andy Ngo replied “This is way healthier than what American school children get at state schools.

Amy Tarkanian replied “I was unable to reach a homeless veteran to ask how they like their free meals and free housing because they don’t get those things. Also they don’t have iPhones.”