Actress Sophia Bush claims new Arkansas trans law “tantamount to murder”

In a new Instagram post, actress Sophia Bush calls Arkansas’ law banning minors from receiving sex change operations and puberty blockers “tantamount to murder.”

The left-wing actress hits on a variety of topics in her post, writing:

– #DerekChauvin is on trial as of yesterday. Derek is one of the men tasked to serve + protect, who instead murdered #GeorgeFloyd. There is no excuse, period. Justice must be done. But what is justice when George is gone forever? And what does a new system of accountability + responsibility in the country at large mean when we know jails do harm? My dearest @kendrick38 shared a video on this last night that I highly suggest watching. He is a wise teacher.

– We continue to see hate crimes against Asians increase. A woman was attacked in NY yesterday and no one helped her, including a nearby security guard. The rants of the “former guy” laden with racist misinformation about #COVID, our history of discrimination and harm, the poverty many #APPI immigrants live in, and the damaging lie of the model minority all combine to do deep harm to the AAPI community. What ways are you committing to help stand up for our friends and neighbors? There are many! See my 3/17 post for resource slides!

– we have a #guncrisis in America. Period. I’m a gun owner, have been for decades. I love a range day because I love technical sport. But y’all, this is out of control. The lies that guns make us safer have been disproven. The PR stunts by the NRA that make us think it’s cool to carry weapons of war? Gross. We’ve been marketed to, not involved in honest discussions. And it’s killing us. A “well regulated militia?” Then let’s regulate WELL. Let’s pass laws to protect us. Let’s not let it be easier to buy a gun than to vote (looking to you, #Georgia)

– #votingrights are under attack. The @gop has launched > 250 voter suppression bills. They’re trying to kill democracy. This is the new #JimCrow, and is against all we stand for.

– #transkids are under attack across the country. AR just banned them from accessing healthcare. This is tantamount to murder. Kids will tell us who they are. It’s our job to support them, not demonize or harm them.

Each of these issues needs advocates. How will you stand up, show up, + speak up?


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