Actress Sarah Jessica Parker helps launch “Moms for Biden” in Ohio

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, known for her starring role in “Sex and the City” helped Joe Biden launch a “Moms for Biden” initiative Thursday.

Parker is an Ohio native and formerly endorsed Barack Obama.

The virtual event stated “Women from across Ohio are virtually coming together to launch Ohio Moms for Biden with special guest and Ohio native, Sarah Jessica Parker. Join us for an evening of conversation with women who know that America needs the steady, unifying, experienced leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to build our country back better.”

Per the Toledo Blade, the Trump campaign described Ms. Parker as “another out-of-touch Hollywood elitist.”

“While President Trump is fighting for our families, keeping our communities safe, and empowering women to reach their economic potential across the Buckeye State, the best thing that can describe the Democrats’ efforts in Ohio can be summed up by one of Sarah Jessica Parker’s movies — Failure to Launch, Trump Victory spokesman Dan Lusheck said.