Actor Causes Stir by Claiming “Cultish Insanity” of GOP “Might Very Well Kill Us All”

Actor Bradley Whitford took to Twitter to express his extreme anti-Trump thoughts during the coronavirus pandemic.

Whitford tweeted:

In our most harrowing moment, @realDonaldTrump has gotten everything wrong.

This is a moment to reflect upon the fact that @realDonaldTrump and his enabling @GOP are racist science deniers whose cultish insanity might very well kill us all.

Most of his followers echoed his sentiments.

Some Twitter users fired back:

Just once, could you get off your leftist podium, and get behind the Country and its President to voice something positive and encouraging for America? Obviously, a huge number of scientists are being tasked and are leading the way on COVID-19. So, just stop it for the crisis!

Racist science deniers, eh? Once again, a Hollywood “star” shows that the only thought processes he or she has come from a script. Ugh, so tired of these people….

Why does every two bit B movie actor think we need their opinion? Asking for a friend!

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