Actor Ben Affleck Caught Trying to Smoke and Wear Coronavirus Mask at Same Time

Actor Ben Affleck got ridiculed on social media after being spotted trying to smoke from behind a coronavirus mask.

DailyBeast reports what do you do when a global pandemic is ravaging the world, isolating people from their loved ones, and the president is on TV recommending (“sarcastically”) that everyone shoot up with bleach?

If you’re Ben Affleck, you throw on your face mask, shirsey, and a shoulder bag, wander outside, and shove that mask above your mouth for a good, old-fashioned smoke break. And while The Daily Beast is not in the business of endorsing tobacco use, I gotta say—this might be a meme for the ages.

In 2016, Affleck’s split from Jennifer Garner combined with a bleak press tour for Batman v. Superman to turn the actor’s frequently discussed personal woes into a meme. The legend of “Sad Affleck,” AKA “Sadfleck,” started with that viral “Sound of Silence” video.

But then, the joke got broader as images of Affleck savoring his cigs morphed into a metaphor for existential angst—both his, and, perhaps more crucially, ours, in the face of surreal and uncertain times. And then, a couple years later, came the infamous back tattoo.

Lately, though, Affleck has worked to turn the page on that story—mounting a comeback tour with his recent release The Way Back and getting (somewhat) candid about his past. He’s also hooked up with rising star Ana de Armas, whom he met working on the psychological thriller Deep Water.