Actor Ashton Kutcher Argues for Impeachment

Yahoo reports to count Ashton Kutcher among the celebrities who wants lawmakers to impeach President Donald Trump.

“If you like President Trump or not America is the priority soliciting foreign interference in our election in [sic] unAmerican,” Kutcher wrote in a publicly available text.

Kutcher shared a number, where he promised that people would learn “truth,” if they texted, on Tuesday. While there was some speculation that he might have decided to address allegations ex-wife Demi Moore made about him in her new memoir, the number responded with a link for signing up with messaging startup Community.

He used one of his first messages, after a brief introduction and the usual legal talk about how to stop the messages, to explain his stance on impeachment, a subject being debated by Congress in the wake of Trump encouraging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the son of former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Then he turned to the subject of Trump.

“If our president used that financial aid to leverage president Zelensky to investigate Biden should be impeached. If our president did not use it as leverage and simply encouraged president Zelensky to investigate Biden without cause he should be impeached.”

Kutcher later added in subsequent tweets:

Do the research and make up your own mind.

Buzz words: witch hunt, collusion, fake news. Ignore it all just look at facts.

It’s not about what he says or what they think. Or what I think. It’s about what you think.

We won’t all come to the same conclusion an that’s ok. But let’s not let this rip us further apart.

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