WATCH: Acosta claims supporters of Trump absorbed his hostility and “made us feel endangered”

Appearing on “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter, CNN’s Jim Acosta claimed Trump supporters absorbed his hostility against the media “in ways that made us feel endangered.”

“The president and his people,” Acosta said “There were Trump supporters all over the country absorbing this hostility that the president was directing at the press and lashing out at us as well. And in ways that made us feel endangered. I am not the only reporter who covered this White House who has had death threats.”

He continued “there have been a number of us who experienced death threats. We can’t be at a place in this country where political reporters need bodyguards to cover political campaigns and so on. It’s more than just pulling a press pass or yelling at a reporter at a press conference or calling somebody names like we saw President Trump do with Abby from time to time. It is a pervasive hostility towards the president, anti-democratic hostility towards the press that I hope we never see the like of ever again. It is so damaging and destructive for our democracy.”