ABC’s Matthew Dowd Blasted for “Sexist” Tweet Attacking GOP Congresswoman

ABC reporter Matthew Dowd deleted his tweet after he attacked GOP congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who stood up to Adam Schiff and mentioned he mischaracterized the Trump call with his “parody” interpretation during the first day of the Trump impeachment hearing.

Dowd wrote “Elise stefanik is a perfect example of why just electing someone because they are a woman or a millennial doesn’t necessarily get you the leaders we need.”

Dowd then tried to backtrack and tweeted:

I deleted the tweet and apologize. I in no way meant to suggest that we don’t need women or millennial leaders. In fact to opposite is true and I have advocated for that. I will be more careful in how I phrase my thoughts. Lesson learned. @EliseStefanik

Emily Compagno of Fox News replied “The original tweet, & this one, are both firmly unacceptable on so many levels.”

Molly Prince of Dailywire replied “Remember that time you called me sexist because I said Ocasio-Cortez’s frequent crying promulgates an untrue stereotype that women are too emotional for politics? You have no integrity.”

Steve Johnson wrote:

Agree or disagree with @EliseStefanik, she’s not a Member of Congress because she’s a woman or a millennial. She’s a smart, hard-working, accomplished person who has long cared about public service & helped a group of accomplished men write a book on the topic while in college.

Tim Cameron added: Wow. @EliseStefanik helped Matthew Dowd write a book while she was a student @Harvard and Dowd “thanks” her years later by writing a sexist tweet saying the she only got elected to Congress because she is a millennial woman.

Ryan Saavedra wrote to Elise:

Matthew Dowd is one of the most insufferable frauds in media, do not accept his apology, he doesn’t mean it

He’s only sorry because he’s in trouble for being a sexist pig

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