Abbott vows to sign bill making it a felony for Texas protesters to obstruct emergency vehicles

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has committed to sign a bill that makes it a felony for protesters in the state of Texas to obstruct a emergency vehicle.

Per The Blaze “the Texas Senate voted 25-5 to pass House Bill 9, which would make it a state jail felony to knowingly obstructing a highway or other passageway and preventing an emergency vehicle that is flashing lights and sirens from passing, as well as obstructing the entrance to a health care facility that provides emergency medical care. The Texas House had already passed the bill by a vote of 90-55.”

Abbott tweeted:

Legislation cracking down on protestors for blocking roads PASSES in the Senate.

Peaceful protest doesn’t include blocking roadways & preventing emergency vehicle access. That chaos won’t be tolerated in Texas.

Thanks to @StephanieKlick & @DonnaCampbellTX.

I will sign soon.

Last month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a “anti rioting bill.”