Abbott Says Texas “fully prepared” for coronavirus, does not see NY situation

Greg Abbott believes Texas is fully prepared for the coronavirus and does not see a NY-like situation and medical shortages.

Abbott tweeted:

Texas has almost 20,000 hospital beds available to treat patients for .

2,107 intensive-care beds are available & we have 8,741 ventilators.

Texas should avoid the limited health care resources seen in some other states

Yahoo reports Texas is fully prepared to meet hospital needs during the coronavirus pandemic and does not expect the kind of capacity problems facing New York, Governor Greg Abbott said on Friday.

Texas has nearly 20,000 hospital beds available after a 142% increase in capacity to treat the virus, and at least 8,741 ventilators, Abbott told a news conference.

“We are fully prepared for the hospital needs of Texans,” Abbott said. “Our capacity should prevent us from facing the type of situation that New York is having to deal with today.”

New York state has recorded more than 100,000 cases of the COVID-19 respiratory illness caused by the virus and nearly 3,000 coronavirus-related deaths.

Texas has reported 5,478 cases and 91 deaths with 827 people hospitalized after 55,000 state residents were tested, Abbott said.

“Texas should have the capability to provide ventilators as need arises,” the governor said.