9 BLM Protesters Confronted by McCloskeys Get Trespassing Citations

9 BLM Protesters who came face to face with the McCloskeys during the viral encounter that led to internet fame for the gun totin’ couple have been hit with trespassing citations for marching on private property.

According to NPR, the city counselor is currently reviewing the citations issued by the St. Louis Police Department.

September 4th Ohun Ashe tweeted “I was just sent a summons to appear in court for “trespassing on private property” on Portland Pl aka the street Patricia and Mark McCloskey live on. I had a gun waved in my face by them but trespassing is what matters?”

One Twitter user replied “YOU trespassed 1st! Broke their gate down. Right? That’s why it matters. Time to take responsibility for your actions.
Remember the 2nd amendment (right to bear arms)? That right is just as sacred as the right to protest.”

Another wrote “Yes you were part of a mob that broke down a gate and were on the McCloskey’s Property. No shots were fired, but they were afraid of the mob.”

According to AP, Deputy City Counselor Mike Garvin told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch his office wants to examine video from the protest “to see where the accused trespassers were at the time.”

After becoming “internet famous” from the media firestorm stemming from the incident, the McCloskey’s took place in the RNC convention last month.