67 Yr Old Lifelong Dem Tells Nadler He’s Never Voting Democrat Again in Open Letter

A man who goes by “Joseph of Boro Park” has set Twitter on fire with a open letter to Congressman Jerry Nadler.

In the letter, which has been favorited over 14k times, Joseph writes:

Dear Congressman Jerry Nadler,

I’m a 67 year old Jewish man from Boro Park Brooklyn (NY-10). I have always voted Democrat. In fact, it’s what I’ve done for the past 45 years. I’ve respected you since the first time you ran for office, and have donated to your campaign whenever I had the chance.

However, what you’re putting our country through is purely out of hate for our President.

I would like you to know that I will never vote Democrat again. This feeling is shared throughout my family and community. Our support for you and your party ends here.

Please do not step foot into our neighborhood and ask for our support again.

In a subsequent tweet, Joseph calls Nadler “an embarrassment to the Jewish community.”

The letter received a lot of attention, prompting former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka to comment “Wow.”

Others also chimed in.

I expect that gentleman is just the tip of the iceberg. With the more distinct anti-Semitic streak of the Democrat base contrasting to Pres. Trump’s unwavering support for Israel (backed up by action), I expect DJT to win over more like him.

This represents so many of us who’ve trusted the media for soooo long! Now, once you see through all the smoke and mirrors, the lights are back on! They think we’re all idiots! ..and for a long while, I guess I was.

I, too, made the switch. I am now a card carrying member of the Republican party. Upstate NY.

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