538’s Nate Silver says calls made that Biden won Arizona “should be retracted now”

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver said in a blog post on his website that calls made that Biden has won Arizona “should be retracted now.”


Silver wrote “Here’s what’s left to count in AZ. At first glance this would seem quite bad for Trump since it’s largely mail ballots *but* mail ballots that arrived late in the process are considerably more R by party registration than the ones that arrived earlier.”

Likewise Nate Cohn of the NY Times wrote “Tonight’s vote dump in Maricopa was Trump+18, which confirms that the state’s going to get a lot tighter. It’s not very easy to say whether that’s enough for Trump or not, but I’d think it’s more than enough to preclude an Arizona call tonight”

The Arizona GOP called on Fox News to retract their call this afternoon.

This is Arnon Mishkin, Director of Fox News decision desk last night defending his call.

Since then, Trump has narrowed Biden’s lead considerably.