50% of Americans in new poll judge Trump as a “Failed” President

A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll found 50% judge President Trump as a “failed” President.

Babette Salus, 60, a retired attorney and Biden voter from Springfield, Illinois, who was among those surveyed said “The last four years have been lacking in compassion and empathy, lacking in anything other than advancing the personal interests of President Trump and his friends and allies and family.”

She added “there have probably been worse presidents, (but) I’m not sure there has been a worse one in my lifetime.”

David Cheff, 73, a Trump voter from Jacksonville, Florida sees things differently, saying “I’ll tell you what, 50 years out, Trump will be much better regarded than he is at the current time.”

Cheff added in time “Trump will look decent, for sure.”

Arsh Ganjoo, a 19 year old Biden voter said “He had half the people loving him and half the people wanting him dead.”

The sophomore at the University of Texas added  “I think he will be definitely taught in history classes and regarded as more of an anomaly rather than, you know, a great president.”

Other findings in the poll:

  • 16% predict he will be seen as a great president, 13% as a good president, and 16% as a fair president. 5% were undecided.
  • 70% say it is time for the president to concede the election, compared to 26% who disagree.
  • 57% of Republicans say he should not concede, while 37% say he should.
  • 71% of Republicans say they are ready to vote for Trump if he is the party’s nominee in 2024. 16% say they would consider it, and 10% say they would not.
  • 62% of all those polled say they believe Joe Biden was legitimately elected president, compared to 37% who say he was not.
  • 20% of Republicans say Biden was legitimately elected, compared to 78% who say he was not.
  • 66% of Americans say Trump should attend Biden’s inauguration in January, while 24% say he should not.
  • 62% of all those polled say it would be an abuse of a president’s powers if Trump issues a preemptive pardon for himself, while 25% say it would not be. 56% of Republicans say it would be an appropriate use of his power, while 24% disagreed.