4 years ago today, an AP-GfK Poll had Hillary with a 14 Point Lead Over Trump

4 years ago today, October 26, 2016, an Associated Press-GfK poll showed Hillary Clinton with a staggering 14 point lead over President Trump.

See the screen capture below.

In addition, several key swing state polls in 2016 were inaccurate.

According to the Chicago Tribune “Of 28 Wisconsin polls conducted in 2016, all of them showed Clinton with the lead, according to polling data tracked by RealClearPolitics. In Michigan, 36 of 37 polls had Clinton ahead. And yet Trump’s victories in both states won him the presidency.”

Marquette University Law School director of polling Charles Franklin said “None of those Wisconsin polls had Trump ahead, and four or five of them were mine. My final poll was plus 6 for Clinton. Nobody got it right.”

These were the final Wisconsin state polls in 2016 tracked by RealClearPolitics.

Will polling be more accurate in 2020 than it was in 2016?

Time will tell.