284 uncounted ballots found in heavily Republican County in Georgia

Following Floyd County, Georgia uncovering 2,600 ballots that were not counted and Fayette County, Georgia finding 2,755 ballots that  also had not been included in the original count, Walton County, Georgia has uncovered 284 more ballots that were not counted.

Walton County is a heavily Republican county.

The local Board of Elections chair Lori Wood said the problem was due to votes previously uploaded from only one of the two ballot scanners in a precinct.

Wood said “We would have discovered it. Maybe not this week, but we would have discovered it.”

Walton County’s find will boost President Trump’s vote total by 176 votes.

Per the Walton Tribune “Georgia Public Broadcasting reported that of the counties that have completed their audits from the presidential election, 57 had no change in their original results, 21 were within a vote and 32 were within 10 votes. In addition to the error in Walton County, two other mistakes have narrowed Trump’s deficit in Georgia.”