231 House Dems Vote to Proceed with Impeachment of President Trump

231 House Democrats, every single member of the Democrat conference in the House, have gone on the record backing Speaker Pelosi’s move to open an impeachment inquiry.

Some Republicans believe Democrats are hurting their own credibility. Conservative commentator Wayne Allen Root described the move as “Mass suicide.”

A senior GOP aide told Breitbart “The Democrats can’t hide anymore, Every last one of them now has the blood of this failed coup all over their hands. And America can see it.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky backed Trump, saying “Nobody pushed me” to probe Biden.


Breitbart reports every single member of the Democrat conference in the House of Representatives who voted on Wednesday went on the record backing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s extraordinary move earlier this week to open an impeachment inquiry via press conference, effectively confirming it is the sense of all 231 of them who voted with Pelosi that they intend to support impeaching President Donald Trump.

“The battle lines are drawn,” a senior House GOP aide directly involved in the effort to expose Democrats on the floor with recorded votes told Breitbart News on Wednesday evening. “We now know where every member of the House is on impeachment. And we know it is purely partisan.”

While the procedures are slightly D.C. insider-sounding, this vote, forced by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, represents the first time the lower Chamber of Congress has officially gone on record with regard to the impeachment of Trump, and it forces vulnerable Democrats who were waffling on whether to publicly back removal of the president from office by force on the record in support of the radical leftist wing of the party.

“Democrats were caught off guard by this,” the GOP aide said. “They were not ready to go on the record. ”

Pelosi announced on Tuesday late afternoon that the House is conducting an impeachment inquiry of the president, a move she made via press conference. Traditionally, when considering impeachment of an executive branch official, up to and including the president of the United States, the House of Representatives will vote to formally open proceedings. It has done this three times in recent history.

This article was written by the staff of TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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