BREAKING: Zogby Poll Has Sanders-Warren Ticket Beating Trump-Pence Ticket

A new Zogby poll find a Sanders-Warren ticket beating a Trump-Pence ticket nationally 48% to 45%.

While Bernie Sanders has given no serious indication as to who his running mate would be, Warren is considered a possible option.

It is also within the realm of possibility that in a brokered convention, Warren’s delegates could be used as leverage to put Bernie over the top to create a Sanders-Warren ticket.

From Zogby:

In a hypothetical 2020 presidential election match-up between Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and running mate Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) versus incumbent President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren win a close race within the margin of error, 48% to 45%, while 7% of likely voters are not sure.

Make no mistake, this is a close race but the senators from neighboring New England states are able to pull ahead of Trump and Pence by winning with their base and swing voters: younger voters aged 18-29 (Sanders/Warren 59% vs. Trump/Pence 32%), Millennials (Sanders/Warren 52% vs. Trump/Pence 37%), women (Sanders/Warren 51% vs. Trump/Pence 41%), Independents (Sanders/Warren 45% vs. Trump/Pence 36%), suburban voters (Sanders/Warren 48% vs. Trump/Pence 43%), suburban women (Sanders/Warren 55% vs. Trump/Pence 38%), union members (Sanders/Warren 53% vs. Trump/Pence 41%) and college educated voters (Sanders/Warren 49% vs. Trump/Pence 44%).

Trump and Pence perform well among men (Trump/Pence 49% vs. Sanders/Warren 44%), Generation X voters (Trump/Pence 50% vs. Sanders/Warren 46%), voters aged 30-49 (Trump/Pence 48% vs. Sanders/Warren 44%), Catholic voters (Trump/Pence 53% vs. Sanders/Warren 42%), small city voters (Trump/Pence 47% vs. Sanders/Warren 44%), and consumers, such as, weekly Walmart shoppers (Trump/Pence 49% vs. Sanders/Warren 44%) weekly Amazon shoppers (Trump/Pence 48% vs. Sanders/Warren 46%), and NASCAR fans (Trump/Pence 52% vs. Sanders/Warren 43%).

The Takeaway

Even with all the turmoil currently hampering the Democratic Party at the moment, Sanders and Warren still win among a nationwide sample of 900 likely voters, which would skew more in favor of them winning the popular vote.

The point is Sanders and Warren could win the popular vote, but Trump and Pence still have the advantage of the coalition of working class and blue collar voters they made in-roads with in swing states: Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which could produce a similar outcome as 2016, in which Trump/Pence just win the Electoral College and re-election in 2020.