Zack Fox Jokes About About Killing 7-Year-Old Trump Fan, Twitter Takes No Action

While Twitter was quick to ban conservatives for simply tweeting the hashtag “learn to code” which they claimed harassed journalists, apparently tweeting about killing a 7 year old Trump fan is ok.

The sick tweet is proudly pinned by “comedian” Zack Fox.

It is viral with nearly 100k “likes.”

Some called out Fox and Fox responded back with laughing emojis.

From Breitbart

A tweet posted on Monday by a verified Twitter user about running over a 7-year-old Trump supporter has garnered over 19,000 “retweets” and nearly 100,000 “likes.” The tweet has yet to be removed by the social media platform.

Internet comedian and Awful Records illustrator Zachary “Zack” Fox tweeted a photo-shopped image of a pro-Trump child on a road as someone is about to run him over. The child photo-shopped into the image is 7-year-old Benton Stevens from Texas, who recently made national news after raising $22,000 for a border wall with his lemonade and hot chocolate stands.

The tweet joking about murdering a 7-year-old child — which appears to be very popular among #Resistance Twitter users — has yet to be taken down by Twitter, despite the social media platform seeming to take action rather quickly when it comes to other types of accounts.