Wyoming Governor announces end to mask mandate, date for allowing businesses to resume normal operation

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has announced that he is ending the statewide mask requirement and will be allowing restaurants, bars, theaters, and gyms to resume normal operations starting March 16.

Gordon encouraged state  residents to “continue to take personal responsibility for their actions and stay diligent,” including by wearing masks indoors and observing requests by private businesses.

In a Press released Gordon said “I thank the people of Wyoming for their commitment to keeping one another safe throughout this pandemic.”

“It is through their efforts that we have kept our schools and businesses operating and our economy moving forward. I ask all Wyoming citizens to continue to take personal responsibility for their actions and stay diligent as we look ahead to the warmer months and to the safe resumption of our traditional spring and summer activities,” he added.

“Wyoming is one of the few states in the country that kept students learning in the classroom for the entire school year. We made sacrifices, but the earlier orders saved lives. We persevered,” Gordon explained.

“With this approach we can have graduations, proms and a great end to the school year by keeping schools open. Especially since our children will not have the chance to be vaccinated this spring,” he added.