WOW! Puerto Rico College Republicans Raising Money for a Trump Statue!

You may recall that the liberal mayor of Puerto Rico is pretty much the exact opposite of a Trump supporter.

However, college Republicans in Puerto Rico are quite the opposite and are raising money to put up a bronze statue of President Trump.

From DailyCaller

The College Republican Federation of Puerto Rico is raising money for a bronze statue of President Donald Trump which would be placed in front of the capitol building in San Juan, along the “Walkway of the Presidents.”

The walkway currently features the statues of nine American presidents who have made official visits to the U.S. Caribbean territory. 

Melvin Soto Vazquez, the vice president of the federation, spoke with The Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill to discuss the effort.

Vazquez said that due to fiscal constraints curtailing spending on non-essential public works and the hesitancy of Puerto Rico’s legislative leaders to appropriate any funds to commission the statue, the College Republicans decided to get it done themselves.

He said the GoFundMe campaign has been named “Build 45.” So far they have only raised $2,000 of the $45,000 goal.