Woman Says She Has a breathing problem and was Harassed for Not Wearing a Mask

Videos of a woman at Trader Joe’s who says she has a breathing problem so she should not be harassed for not wearing a mask has gone viral on Twitter with over 13 million views.


Per USAToday, Twitter user D. Giles posted several videos of the incident, which is believed to have taken place at the grocer’s newest location in North Hollywood during its opening day. One of the videos went viral Saturday with more than 3.6 million views.

“That man harassed me for not wearing a mask,” the woman said in the video. “I have a breathing problem, my doctor will not let me wear a mask. So anyone harassing me to wear a mask, you guys are violating federal law.”

California started requiring masks or face coverings be worn inside businesses statewide June 18. Several parts of the state required masks before then.

Trader Joe’s officials weren’t immediately available for comment Saturday, but the grocer says on its COVID-19 update page that shoppers are asked to wear masks in stores.

“It is our preference for and we strongly encourage customers to wear a mask or face covering while shopping in all our stores,” the company said. “Where face coverings are required by state or local authorities, we communicate that to our customers as well.”