Woman charged with assault of 73 year old Vietnam Vet who held Trump sign

34-year-old Kiara Dudley has been arrested and charged with the assault of a 73 year old Vietnam Veteran because he supports Trump.

According to the Douglas, Massachusetts Police Department, when the victim and another person were holding pro-Trump signs, Dudley “began to berate them with insults and demanded that they leave.”

“As the couple tried to move away, the party continued to follow them and bumped the gentlemen with her body,” they added “At one point, the party stepped on the victim’s Veterans for Trump sign, and as he bent over to pick it up, the party knocked him to the ground, causing an injury to his finger.”

The report concludes “as a result of the incident the Officers arrested 34-year-old Kiara R. Dudley, of 1 SW Main Street in Douglas. Dudley is being charged with Assault and Battery on an Elderly Person Causing Injury. Dudley was released on $250.00 cash bail and will be arraigned in Uxbridge District Court on Monday, October 19th at 9:00 AM.”