Woman charged in cane attack on NYPD cops celebrates after making bail

Chanice Reyes, the woman in the viral video smacking law enforcement agents with a cane, celebrated making bail and was photographed by the NY Post.

In case you missed it, this was the incident and she is the one smacking the officers. At least two cops suffered serious injuries.


NYPost reports the woman charged with using a cane to bash two NYPD cops over their heads on the Brooklyn Bridge whooped and jumped for joy when she was released from custody Friday afternoon.

Chanice Reyes was apparently so happy at being freed that she didn’t even bother flipping the bird at a Post photographer — as she repeatedly did following her arrest a day earlier.

After emerging from the Manhattan Detention Complex — also known as “the Tombs” — Reyes, 25, exchanged hugs with several pals on Baxter Street shortly after 1 p.m.

She then headed to the nearby “Occupy City Hall” encampment, where she disappeared inside a makeshift, black tent.

Reyes was freed following her video arraignment on multiple counts of second-degree assault and related charges Friday morning.

During the hearing, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge John Howard-Algarin her bail at $7,500 cash or credit card, $40,000 insurance company bond or $60,000 surety bond.

The city Department of Correction didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry about how she secured her release.

Reyes is accused of attacking NYPD Lt. Michael Butler and Sgt. Richard Adamiak — leaving them with blood streaming down their faces — as they arrested a fellow anti-cop activist on Wednesday.