Witness claims she saw Prince Andrew dancing with Epstein victim on night she says she had sex with the Duke

DailyMail reports a new witness has come forward to claim she saw Prince Andrew in a nightclub with Virginia Roberts on the night he is accused of having sex with her.

Shukri Walker says the duke danced and chatted with the Jeffrey Epstein victim – and says she is certain it was the prince because she stepped on his foot and then apologised.

Miss Roberts says she was forced to have sex with Andrew after they left the Tramp nightspot in central London in 2001.

The prince denies the claims and says he was not even in the Mayfair club on the evening in question because he had taken daughter Beatrice to Pizza Express in Woking, Surrey.

The events of March 10 are at the heart of the allegations against Andrew. Miss Roberts – now Giuffre – was a ‘sex slave’ of the duke’s friend, pedophile Epstein.

Miss Walker told The Sun: ‘I remember him dancing and chatting with the young girl.’

She said she remembered the night well because at one point she trod on Andrew’s foot.

Miss Walker said she had decided to speak out after seeing Andrew’s now infamous Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis last year, in which he denied having sex with the then 17-year-old Miss Roberts.

She contacted Lisa Bloom, an American lawyer who represents some of Epstein’s victims. The lawyer has reportedly passed on the witness account to the FBI.

Miss Walker said: ‘When I watched the BBC interview and saw Prince Andrew deny knowing Virginia, saying he has no recollection of that night I had to come forward.

‘Because I was there and I do have a recollection of it.’

She said she saw the Duke of York in the club while she was dancing with a male friend: ‘At some point I was dancing with him and stood on the feet of one of the men sitting in the corner and I said, ‘I’m sorry’.

‘And he was smiling. He said, “No problem”. My companion said that the man who I stood on was actually Prince Andrew.

‘He looked like he was having a great time. And he was with this young girl who was close to my own age, perhaps even a bit younger than me.

‘They were not that alone. They were with the woman who has just been arrested, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Epstein. I will never forget the night because I was told this is a real prince.

‘That’s the moment that stood out for me. I don’t think I would have remembered otherwise.’

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