With Biden reaching 270 electoral votes, Jenna Ellis lays out Trump Strategy ahead

With Joe Biden reaching 270 electoral votes that need to be certified by a joint session of Congress January 6th, Trump legal counsel Jenna Ellis laid out the Trump legal strategy ahead while appearing on Just the News’ “Water Cooler” show.

Ellis said “It’s been really frustrating for our legal team to have so many of the courts say initially, ‘Well if you brought this challenge earlier, then it wouldn’t have been right because you wouldn’t have actually incurred the harm.’ And then if we bring it after to say, ‘Well it’s too late and you don’t have standing,”

Ellis then explained the legal strategy going forward now primarily is on getting state legislators to “reclaim their authority or the manner in which delegates are put forward from their state to the Electoral College.”

Watch the full video here.

Biden reaches 270 electoral college votes, will address nation