Wisconsin students to face discipline for wearing “Trump’s Wall” shirts during spirit week

A group of Wisconsin students who wore “Trump’s Wall” shirts to a spirit week rally will face discipline.

Eloy Contreras a parents and youth minister was critical of the shirts and said “When I express something or when my daughter expresses something, it should not have an adverse effect on the community at large and that should be the message that we always convey when we are expressing our freedom of speech.”

““It’s a beautiful thing to have, and we need to take care of it and not take advantage of it, because our freedom of speech should never tread on anybody else’s rights or feelings of self worth. The freedom of speech that they obviously are expressing is doing nothing but hurting, and that is not the gospel message that I would think Racine Lutheran would want to convey,” he added.

Per the Journal Times “While the shirt designs did not receive the necessary approval to be worn at the game, the students wore them underneath other clothes and revealed them right as they went to enter the court. Racine Lutheran Executive Director-Principal David Burgess said the students were then given alternate shirts to wear and would face disciplinary action.”

Burgess said “We have met with all the students that were involved with that. I think we’ve had a tremendous period of growth, and (were able to) bring people together that were hurt by those photos and people that were responsible for those photos. I think, as we talk, as a community we learn more about each other. We’ve learned a lot, all of us together. And I think we’re going to be a much stronger group moving forward from here and understanding one another.”

Per the report “School leadership also met with Forward Latino and the League of United Latin Americans Citizens of Wisconsin to discuss ongoing concerns. The groups, in a press release, said they appreciated the efforts made by the school to create a safe space for students to share concerns and offered assistance in a partnership with Anti-Defamation League to implement anti-bias and multi-cultural awareness practices and training.’