Wisconsin Man says he was beaten for having a Trump flag on his camper

Greg Bloch, a Wisconsin man told WSAW he was attacked by 3 men at a campground for flying a Trump flag no his camper.

Bloch says he was with his family when a younger individual in a group that appeared intoxicated asked him “What’s up with that Trump flag?”

Bloch replied “Trump loves everybody, have a good day” and assumed the confrontation would end there.

Bloch says 20 minutes the group came back right up to his trailer. “I hear banging on the side of my camper and my wife says ‘They’re back.” Bloch explained “As soon as I rounded the camper, I noticed the flag was torn down.”

This is when things got violent.

“The one male rushed me, the one I had the conversation with earlier, and I’m like ‘Okay, this is going down I guess. We grappled; fell into my camper; fell down to the ground.” Bloch recalled “At that point, I was getting pummeled by all three. They were landing on my face, my nose.”

According to Bloch even his wife and daughter were not safe from the anti-Trump group.

“My 20-year-old daughter… came around from the front of the truck and grabbed one of the individuals. He pinned her against my truck and hit her in the face. It was probably 10, 20, 30 seconds of it, but that was enough.”

At that point staff at the campground intervened and broke it up. His attackers left the area.