Wisconsin Democrat Governor signs bill banning police chokeholds in most situations

Wisconsin Democrat Governor Tony Evers has signed a bill banning the use of police chokeholds in most circumstances.

Per Senate Bill 121, a law enforcement agency “may not authorize the use of choke holds by law enforcement officers in a policy or standard under this subsection, except in life−threatening situations or in self−defense.”

Per The Hill “Senate Bill 121 was one of four police-reform measures that Evers signed.

Evers also signed Senate Bill 122, which requires public access to police use-of-force policies. In addition, Senate Bill 123 would require the Wisconsin Department of Justice to collect data and public an annual report on use-of-force incidents.

The governor also signed Senate Bill 124, which establishes a $600,000 grant program for cities with a population of at least 60,000 to fund community-oriented policing-house programs.”

Evers is seeking for more.

“There is no excuse for these four bills being the only bills that get to my desk,” Evers wrote. “Today is not the end, it has to be the beginning.”