WATCH: Whoopi on Trump 2024 “You are not going to run if you are in jail, my friend…tick tock baby”

While discussing with the cast of “The View” presidential pardons and the possibility of Trump pardoning himself, Whoopi Goldberg suggested Trump will not be running in 2024 because he’ll be in jail.

Goldberg first suggested NY Attorney General Leticia James is “waiting on him.”

She then said “well, I think it’s very exciting that, you know, he can try to — he can pardon himself federally, but there are all these people waiting. Letitia James is waiting with her little foot. She is patting that foot, waiting for him to make a step out.”

She added “He keeps saying he’s going run in 2024. You are not going to run if you are in jail, my friend. That is something you must also think of. I’m just saying tick tock baby.”