Whitmer, who opposed Trump’s wall, builds high security fence around home

Governor Whitmer, who has made it clear she opposed funding Trump’s border wall initiative, is getting a new perimeter fence around her personal residence, citing threats against her.

Whitmer spokeswoman Tiffany Brown explained “perimeter security and other safety upgrades” were planned out last year and “routine maintenance and upgrades are performed as needed to ensure the safety, security and protection of any sitting governor and the first family.”

Brown added the cost of the security upgrades is about 1.1 million and is being paid for with funds from the executive office budget.

According to the Detroit free Press, in recent weeks, crews have been working to build what appears to be an eight-foot-tall fence around the governor’s residence property. Last week, a sign on the site where crews were on the job warned, “Danger. High voltage. Unauthorized persons keep out.”

In January of 2017, Governor Whitmer tweeted “$40 BILLION for the wall. Think how many kids that would educate, how many roads, bridges and pipes it would fix.”

In February of the same year she wrote this.

In June of 2018, Whitmer wrote “We must stand together, because when we do, we cannot fail. It is time we get back to building bridges. Not walls.”