Whitlock “Trump’s support is coming from people who love” him, “Biden supporters hate Donald Trump”

Appearing on Tucker Carlson to discuss his reaction to the election, Outkick’s Jason Whitlock compared Trump supporters love of the President to Biden supporter’s hate for Trump.

Whitlock said “I think this 2020 election shows the power of love versus the power of hate. Again, I’m not talking about Donald Trump and Joe Biden specifically, they’re not the parable of love versus hate.”

“I’m talking about their supporters,” he exlpained “Donald Trump’s support is coming from people who love Donald Trump, who unconditionally love Donald Trump. To the point that they will risk their health and go maskless to rallies with thousands of people. They will risk their reputations to be accused of being racist and sexist. They will risk their safety in terms of being attacked by Antifa or Black Lives Matter.”

“They love Donald Trump,” he added.