White House Responds to Hillary’s Dig at Melania “Her Bitterness and Envy Were on Full Display”

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has responded to Hillary Clinton’s dig at First Lady Melania Trump in a recent interview.

“She of all people should refrain from doling out relationship advice,” Grisham told the Daily Caller “Her bitterness and envy were on full display.”

Appearing with Andy Cohen in a new interview, 2016 Presidential loser Hillary Clinton was asked about First Lady’s “BeBest” cyberbullying initiative and didn’t miss the opportunity to throw some shade Melania’s way.

Andy Cohen:

What do you honestly think of First Lady Melania Trump’s cyberbullying initiative?

Hillary Clinton:

I think she should look closer to home. 

(Crowd cheers and Hillary nods with satisfaction.)


Asked about the first couple’s marriage, Hillary admitted it’s a topic she wanted to avoid.

“I’m the last person to comment on anybody’s relationship,” Clinton responded while giggling.

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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