White House reporter mocks President Trump after he tweets he loves his late brother

Friday, President Trump tweeted a message to his late brother Robert.

“Robert, I Love You. Rest in Peace!” The President tweeted.

In a now deleted tweet, White House Press reporter Andrew Feinberg replied to Trump “Not sure twitter works in the hereafter.”

Tim Murtaugh of the Trump campaign wrote to him “This is not acceptable.”

Feinberg describes himself on his Twitter profile as “Reporter covering White House, Hill, 2020… seen in @Independent, Breakfast Media, et cetera

Kelly Love called for Feinberg to apologize.

Jenna Ellis wrote to Feinberg “Imagine actually hitting send on this. You’re disgusting.”

Tim Young wrote “This piece of sh*t needs to be banned from the White House press pool.

“Imagine being this person. He mocks somebody who’s brother just died. On social media. Because he wanted attaboys from the Left. So look what @AndrewFeinberg did when called out. Is **he** acting like an adult? Poll time! See the next Tweet.”