What happens to Kamala Harris’ senate seat if she becomes Vice President

With Kamala Harris now on the Democrat party ticket along with Joe Biden as his running mate, some have wondered what will happen to her California Senate Seat if Democrats secure the White House.

The short answer is California Governor Gavin Newsom can decide.

Newsom can either assign someone of his choice to fill the seat until the end of the term (January 2023) or he can opt to call a special election.

If he does opt to choose himself, Newsom will be under intense pressure to fill the role with a person of color and /or a woman.

Names that have come up, include Rep. Karen Bass, who was considered for the VP role.

Other names include AG Xavier Bercerra, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who are both Latino and San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who is both a woman and a minority.

A spokesperson for Newsom told the Los Angeles Times, no decision would be made until after the November election.