WHAT? Disgraced Baltimore Mayor Claims She’s Too Mentally Sick to Resign

Baltimores embattled Democrat mayor claims she is not mentally healthy enough to resign her post.

Fox News reported that Catherine Pugh, who is facing increased calls for her immediate resignation, remains in poor health and is not “lucid” enough to decide whether to step down, her attorney told reporters late Thursday.

Steve Silverman, speaking outside one of Pugh’s residences which was raided by the FBI and IRS earlier in the day, said the embattled city leader could make a decision as early as next week.

“She is leaning toward making the best decision in the best interest in the citizens of Baltimore City,” he said, adding that Pugh has “several options” to consider.

“She just needs to be physically and mentally sound and lucid enough to make appropriate decisions.”

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From Breitbart

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh claims she is too sick and “not lucid enough” to make any decisions about resigning in the face of a federal corruption probe.

The Democrat mayor went on sick leave on April 1, the day the FBI announced it was investigating more than $800,000 in book sales she received for her children’s book, Healthy Holly.

Pugh claimed she was wracked with pneumonia and bronchitis and was too ill to make serious decisions.

“She understands the predicament of the city… she just needs to be physically and mentally sound and lucid enough to make decisions.,” her lawyer, Steve Silverman, told the New York Post.

“She is generally aware that there is a consensus that she should resign,” Silverman added before saying that his client wasn’t “stable” enough to make a decision.

“For people to make material decisions in their life, they have to be at a certain level of stability,” Silverman insisted.

On Thursday, the FBI raided Pugh’s offices and carted out records regarding the book sales scandal.

Several companies, including the University of Maryland Medical System, Kaiser Permanente, the Association of Black Charities, and Grant Capital Management, gave between $87,000 and $500,000 to buy the mayor’s book in bulk.

Federal authorities said that Pugh then gave payback to these companies by awarding city contracts to them.

Calls have mounted for her to resign, but Baltimore statutes maintain that a mayor cannot be removed from office by force unless convicted of a crime.