“What an insensitive joke” Kamala blasted after encouraging people to “shop local” amid mass restrictions

Saturday, Kamala Harris encouraged people to “shop local” prompting backlash from those accusing her of hypocrisy.

Harris wrote “Small businesses need our support now more than ever before. This Small Business Saturday and throughout the holidays, please shop local and do your part to help the backbone of our communities and our economy.”

Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon fired back “What an insensitive joke. How do we “shop local” when California has killed most small businesses and literally banned shopping in many counties other than for food, alcohol, and drugs, mostly sold by impersonal national chains, not small businesses?”

One Twitter user replied “Leftists like like Kamala are killing small businesses.”

Another Twitter user replied to Harris “Not sure if you’ve noticed, but it is difficult to shop local and support small businesses when they are all closed because of fear mongering liberals.”

Another replied “It’s a little hard to do that when they are closed, or limited to 10% of capacity, or whatever nonsense our Governor dreamed up today.”