WATCH: Waters rips Trump’s pardons, claims he’s compromised by “Russia and Putin”

Appearing on CNN, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) claimed “the President certainly is abusing that right by pardoning all of his criminal friends.”

During the same segment, Waters elaborated and said “here’s what I know about Russia and Putin. They have, in fact, you know, compromised this president. And this president will not condemn them, will not criticize them. And even when he knows it’s a threat, whether it is our election systems or to our energy systems, he is not going to do anything to disagree with them because he’s a compromise president.”

“He’s a president whose allies here in the United States are connected to the oligarchs of Russia,” she continued “They have money agreements, et cetera, et cetera. So, we cannot expect any pushback. We’ve got to rely on Biden. And we’ve got to rely on the new administration to stand up to Russia. And to stand up to China and to be the kind of government that’s looking out for the best for their country and America. That’s what we’re relying on.”

“We cannot expect anything from this administration,” she added.