Waters Demands Assault Weapon Ban or Drastic Measures, Backfires Fast

Tuesday, Congresswoman Maxine Waters called for her followers to demand Congress to “get rid of ALL assault weapons” or kick their “a–” out of Congress.

Americans, please stop tolerating the pain, suffering, and prayers of families, friends, neighborhoods & all caring Americans. Demand the Members of Congress get rid of ALL assault weapons or kick our a— out of Congress!

The tweet received many responses Waters is most likely not pleased with.

Your best idea here, Maxine ..is to kick your a–‘- out of Congress. The do nothing Congress of .


Damn right Mr. Eastwood! Maxine is the one that called for violence if you are a Trump supporter. People getting kicked out of restaurants and beaten, milkshakes thrown at them and only God knows what’s next? This is her fault if anyone’s! She should resign in shame!

pray every day you get forced out of office.

I pray every day you do not win one more election.

I will pray this every day until it has come to pass.

You’re a horrible wretched person.