WATCH: Zeldin accuses Cuomo of “cover-up” after report of undercounted nursing home deaths

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Lee Zeldin, a Republican accused NY Governor Cuomo of a “cover up” after reports of an undercount in nursing home deaths.

Zeldin also said he believes New Yorkers are “done” with Cuomo.

Zeldin said “I think that much of New York State is done with Andrew Cuomo and he’s up for reelection again in 2022. We don’t have term limits in New York statutorily. However, we do have term limits when New Yorkers go to the ballot box. They don’t have to keep reelecting him. This is someone who he’d be going for his fourth term. And there’s a certain amount of arrogance as if his tough work is done. Now it’s about collecting Emmys and writing books.”

“He’s not talking about restoring freedoms. He’s not talking about cutting taxes. He’s not talking about public safety,” Zelding continued “Instead, they’re going the other way, with cashless bail. And you see the defund the police movement in New York City. So, hopefully, New Yorkers take action and save our state next November 2022.”



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