WATCH: Young Girls Scream “F Donald Trump. He’s Stupid!” at Socal “Women’s March”

Elijah Schaffer of BlazeTV shared a video of young girls who he appear to be pre-teens yelling “F Donald Trump. He’s Stupid!” at the Southern California “Women’s March”

Schaffer added:

These young girls (no older than 11) screamed at the in LA

Vulgarities, visuals of bloody reproductive organs, one woman boasting about her 9th abortion, and pro-socialism/communism groups were all present at this event


The video elicited a strong reaction on Twitter.

Rene wrote “Ok the one girl said F Donald Trump!!! I would never allow my babies to be a part of this garbage! Shame on the “Parents”!!!”

Another Twitter user wrote “Sad to see what parents have done to their kids.”

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