WATCH: Women Shamed for Cleaning “BLM” Graffiti Off Wall “Not a great way to use your white privilege “

In a surreal video and true “sign of the times” capsule, 3 women are shamed for simply cleaning graffiti that says “Black Lives Matter” off a wall. The source of the video is unknown.

The cameraperson continues to prod the women, who explain they are just cleaning the building. She asks:

Why are you guys removing Black Lives Matter graffiti? Why do you want that to come off? So you don’t care about Black Lives then? Not enough to leave up a message? Great. Not a great way to use your white privilege 

One Twitter user replied

“Them cleaning up a tax payer funded building has zero to do with Black Lives Matter. Graffiti spray painted on the sides of buildings by Antifa in the name of BLM is just another way to try and divide this great country. It isn’t just black lives that matter, all lives do.”

Another wrote:

“Glad to see these young ladies not cowing to illogical, emotional blackmail.

Vandalism, looting, destruction HURTS the cause BLM claims to promote.”