WATCH: Woman Self Isolates Using Giant Plastic Bubble, Leaving Onlookers Stunned

A woman in the U.K. took self-isolating in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic to a shocking new level by going shopping inside a full plastic bubble.

She left others who witnessed her stunned. It may have very well been a stunt.

The Sun reports bizarre footage shows her rolling into a supermarket and picking out food to purchase.

A ‘carer’ follows her around grabbing goods and placing them in a basket.

He’s questioned about her innovative technique and says: “She’s self-isolating.

“She’s really germaphobic.”

The man repeatedly wipes the zorb ball with antiseptic wipes, in what seems to be a stunt.

Other shoppers were left in hysterics as the woman – who appears to be called Tracey – rolled past them into the store.

The footage – which was posted online on Tuesday – was taken at a Morrisons in Herne Bay, Kent.

She managed to navigate the meat and fish aisle successfully, but got stuck when trying to roll towards the canned goods.