WATCH: With murders up in Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot blames guns and a “perfect storm”

With tragic shootings up in Chicago, with several recent high profile deaths including children, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is blaming gun violence and a “perfect storm”

Saturday, Lightfoot tweeted:

As families gather to commemorate the founding of our nation, we must ask ourselves: is this who we are as a city or as a country? We cannot grow numb to this. We are making progress in slowing shootings, but we have to do better, every single one of us.

We must stop the violence before it starts by investing in our children, our neighborhoods and our schools.

As a city, we must wrap our arms around our youth so they understand there’s a future for them that isn’t wrapped up in gun violence.

This has happened for far too long in our communities. I call on anyone with information on these incidents to come forward or submit a tip anonymously at Those committing these senseless acts of violence will be held accountable.


WashingtonExaminer reports shootings and homicides in Chicago increased sharply in June compared to the same time last year.

Police data show that shootings in Chicago increased by 75% in June of 2020 compared to June 2019, and murders in the city rose by 78%, according to NBC 5 Chicago.

In June of this year, 424 people were shot, and 89 were murdered — compared to 242 shootings and 50 murders during the same month last year.

Last weekend alone, gun violence killed more than a dozen people, including three children. Twelve people were killed on Father’s Day weekend, including a 3-year-old.

The city plans to deploy 1,200 extra officers over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, according to WGN TV.

When asked about the rise in violence, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, said it was a “complicated” question and suggested that gun control is the answer.

“That’s a complicated question,” Lightfoot said. “We have way too many guns on the streets.”

Lightfoot also suggested that the coronavirus shutdowns that kept people inside for months played a role in creating a “perfect storm” while also pointing out the death of George Floyd as an event that sparked anger in the community.