WATCH: Waters Argues Big Donor Money Should Give California More Say in Dem Primary

Appearing on CNBC, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) made it clear she believes California deserves more say in the Democratic primaries because of their big donor money.

Waters said “The thinking is that if we are supplying tremendous dollars to candidates, we ought to have more say.”

Per Fox News “A lot of people have come to the conclusion that it should not simply be Iowa and New Hampshire, that certainly they are not reflective of the makeup of this country,” the Los Angeles-area congreswoman told CNBC on Thursday. “And so, California has a role to play.”

Waters, 81, who has served in Congress since 1991, noted that few other states can match California when it comes to fundraising for Democratic candidates.

“We have candidates who fly out to Los Angeles from everywhere to raise money,” Waters told CNBC host Kelly Evans, the Washington Free Beacon reported. “You would have two, three, four at a time in Beverly Hills having dinners and some of our contributors, who are very rich, we’re holding fancy parties, trying to accommodate the requests for donations and contributions.”


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