WATCH: Warren Won’t Shake Bernie’s Hand After Heated Debate

After a heated debate Elizabeth Warren appeared to purposely snub Bernie Sanders, who offered to shake her hand.


Bernie Sanders was asked twice by Abby Phillip if he had ever told Warren that he didn’t think a woman could win the Presidential election in 2018.

Both times he denied it.

“Well, for a matter of fact I didn’t say it,” Sanders replied to CNN moderator Abby Phillip “Let me be very clear – If any of the women on stage or any of the men win the nomination…I will do everything in my power to make sure they are elected.”

In a truly disgraceful attempt at debate moderation, CNN’s Abby Phillip then assumed Bernie was lying and Warren was telling the truth in her next question, asking Warren how she felt about being told a woman could not win the election.

The audience laughed at how ridiculous the question by Abby Phillip was.


The feedback on CNN’s YouTube channel is overwhelmingly negative for Warren. There are over 7x as many thumbs down as thumbs up and all the top comments are anti-Warren.

Some on social media believe Warren has damaged her reputation among Sanders supporters.

#warrenisasnake was trending earlier on Twitter.

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