WATCH: Warren Tries to Hide Behind Staffer After Being Caught on Video on Private Jet

In a viral video that is making waves on social media, struggling 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren apparently suddenly has a guilty conscience for riding a private jet, but only after she’s busted on camera.

Warren appears to notice she’s being filmed and then try to hide behind a staffer as if that would absolve herself of the guilt of having been in a private jet.

Per WesternJournal, this video completely destroys Warren’s climate-conscious image.

The presidential candidate is so eager to gobble up the environmental-justice vote that she actually proposed a ban on new buildings that are not carbon-neutral.

There’s nothing that screams “2020 elitist” more than a presidential candidate threatening the construction industry because of climate change, yet refusing to take a bus to save the planet.

It looks like Warren knows this, too.