WATCH: Warren Says If Bloomberg Does Not Release Women from NDAs “he is disqualified from being president”

During a CNN town hall, Elizabeth Warren made the case that if Bloomberg does not release female accusers to his company from NDAs he should be disqualified from running.

Elizabeth Warren:

When a man who is a billionaire throws that kind of thing out there, and then when someone finally — think what that must be like, to work in a company, or to be someone else trying to make it in that field, and you’re up against the owner of the company, a multi-multi-billionaire, someone finally says, this is bad enough, I’m going to raise a complaint, I’m going to go to a lawyer, I’m going to go to HR, I’m going to raise a complaint.

You’ve got to admit, that takes a lot, to be able to do that, and that the consequence of it is he dumps some money on it, and then stuffs a gag in the woman’s mouth. If he’s not willing to remove those gags and let those women, and maybe those men, talk, then he is disqualified from being president of the United States.


Per TCO, 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren responded to billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s pledge to release 3 women from NDAs in a reversal of his Vegas debate position.

“That’s just not good enough,” Warren told reporters while campaigning.

“Michael Bloomberg needs to do a blanket release so that all women who have been muzzled by non-disclosure agreements can step up and tell their side of the story in terms of what Michael Bloomberg has done,” she said.

During one of the most explosive moments of the Democrat debate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., pressed Mike Bloomberg to release women from non-disclosure agreements they had made with his company during the presidential debate.

It was a moment that Van Jones of CNN likened to Bloomberg’s “Titanic” hitting the iceberg.


Now, Warren if challenging Bloomberg to release the women once again and even went so far as to create the NDA for him..

TheHill reports Warren, who has been calling on Bloomberg to release people who used to work for his company from the secrecy agreements for months, unveiled her document Thursday during a CNN town hall in Nevada.

“So I used to teach contract law. And I thought I would make this easy. I wrote up a release and covenant not to sue. And all that Mayor Bloomberg has to do is download it. I’ll text it. Sign it. And then the women, or men, will be free to speak and tell their own stories,” Warren said.

She then read the document verbatim during the town hall, adding “I think that the mayor should sign this and that we all have a right to see.”

She also tweeted a copy of the document on Thursday evening.